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Currently there are 214 magazines in the catalog, that were published in Russia.

20RussianRussiaZX Spectrum
200RussianRussiaZX Spectrum
47th ByteRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
ACNewsRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Acid PaperRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
AdventurerRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
All PaperRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Amiga InfoRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Amiga News (1)RussianRussiaZX Spectrum
AnecdotesRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
AnigdotRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
AntivelRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Armor of the GodsRussian
AspectRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Avro NewsRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
BalaganRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Baltic PressRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Best ofRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Black MetallRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
BonusRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
BookRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Born DeadRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
BredRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
BugsRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Buzz (2)RussianRussiaZX Spectrum
CAFe'2003RussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Cafe photo albumRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
CancerRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Chaos (3)RussianRussiaZX Spectrum
CheatRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
City (1)RussianRussiaZX Spectrum
ClimeRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
CossackosRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Crazy NewsRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
CrossroadsRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
CybermanRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
DefaultRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Deja VuRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
DepressRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
DermoRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Di HaltRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
DonNewsRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Dr. Longman`s NewsRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Du HastRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
DuneRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
EMSlogRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
EbelkaRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
EldoradoRussianRussiaZX Spectrum
Explorer (1)RussianRussiaZX Spectrum
... further results

There are also 0 groups in the catalog, which base country is Russia.